Bri (mako_lies) wrote,

 I'm back in the classroom! Except now it is the Japanese classroom. 

I teach middle school/junior high school (grades 1, 2, 3). It's AWESOME. The kids are sweet, but also, I can't go two seconds without someone (usually a student (boy or girl) but sometimes a teacher) calling KAWAII! at me. I also get told I have a small face or a high nose multiple times a day. Evidently, small faces and nose bridges are super awesome here. My first day of school, some of my third-graders (14-15 years old) measured my face with a ruler. They were VERY excited afterwards, and learned how to say "I envy you" from their English teacher. It was an experience. 

Overall, things are going well. My Japanese still sucks, but I'm learning as diligently as I can. I usually have at least an hour every day I can devote to studying :)

I have a couple things written since last time I posted, I'll be working on posting those on LJ/DW here soon.

In other news: what is this Imzy thing I keep hearing about, and is it a replacement for tumblr????

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