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Rare Pair Fest

Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me a fic. I’m super pumped to see what you come up with!

I am really easy to please. I like everything from fluff to angst, to hurt/comfort, and basically anything else you can think of. Pretty much whatever you would like to write would make me happy. I’ll try and give you some direction by fandom, but really, I’d be happy with nearly anything.


For Ennis/Firo, I would love anything. Bonding after the series, an exploration of their psychic bond, something fluffy, something a little darker. However you want to portray them, that would be great. How do they learn to relate with each other, what does Ennis do with her freedom, how does Firo deal with his new memories/personalities? What is the reality of her being a homunculus and his power over her?  

For Luck/Claire, go crazy. I love twisted, I love sweet, and everything in between. If you want to show Claire exploring Luck's immortality, go for it. Something from when they were kids is great. Pretty much whatever. Involve Chane as much or little as you want. Anything that shows the relationship between Claire & Luck is great. I'm fine with canonical levels of gore. 

With Ronnie/Maiza, go crazy. I always wanted to see more interaction between them. Does Maiza ever find out? If he does, what happens? If not, how does that ignorance color their relationship? Seriously, anything would be great. 


There's a lot of Shino on this list! I've always really loved Shino--his powers are really creepy/body horror, so if you want to explore that in any way, that would be awesome. Shino also strikes me as being really kind with his friends, but sadistic with his enemies. How might that manifest? With Shino/Kiba, I'd love to see team-building stuff (set anywhere in canon, honestly) that explores their relationship. Make it fluffy, sad, whatever. With Kakashi/Shino, anyway you can make it work would be awesome. 

There's also a lot of Sakura on this list! Sakura is my girl. Anything that shows her as complex, flawed, and competent is my jam. With the Sasori/Sakura, I would love to see something kind of twisted that captures their relationship in canon (feel free to do an AU, though I would prefer it be at least somewhat related to canon). Sasori is a character that fascinated me, especially at the end of his life. So I'd love to see anything that explores him. With Hinata/Sakura, I would love some fluffy femslash. However you want them to be together (please no cheating fic). With Kakashi/Gai/Sakura, I would love to see something about the realities of building a poly relationship, especiallywhen one of them is rather a new addition to the relationship: Gai & Kakashi have known each other for so long, how would Sakura fit? What would the reality of it look like, given the age difference and the fact she was his student? How would Gai feel? Would he have misgivings? How would they navigate in a relationship?


With Tifa/Barret, I would love to see anything. It can be set anywhere in canon. Raising Marlene, working in AVALANCHE, bonding during the journey, setting up Edge, whatever. I would just love to see something that explores a romantic relationship between the two. 

For Tifa/Aeris, I would love to see sweet, fluffy and/or sad femslash. I loved the friendship they had in the game, and I always wanted to see more of it. Please no jealousy over Cloud :)

With Yuffie/Cloud, I would love to see anything. Happy, sad, whatever. Feel free to set it anywhere in canon. I love Yuffie a lot, and I love how much she loves Wutai and how self-sufficient Yuffie. I really just want to see what a relationship between the two could look like. 


For Quistis/Selphie, I would love to see anything. I love the softer sides of their relationship, I love the harsher side of being SeeD (Quistis was very young when she graduated, what did that do to her? Selphie is very focused on vengeance following Trabia, is that typical?). How does the memory thing affect their relationship? The orphanage? I would love to see something post-canon that explores where they end up and how their relationship could grow from there. 

As a pairing, anything you could write for Sazh/Lightning would be awesome. I liked the maturity that Sazh brought to the story, how he was the one who grounded a lot of the other characters. I loved how he tried to support everybody. So, maybe something with Lightning learning to let herself lean a little bit on him, instead of just going on her own... Or maybe something after-game that ignores XIII-2 and Lightning Returns canon that focuses on her fitting into his and Dajh’s life? Or bonding over their shared losses? Or maybe Lightning and him get into a marksmanship contest? Really, anything would make me happy.

With Nabaat/Sazh, I loved the power dynamics in their relationship, and in general, the creepiness in their relationship. I would really prefer not a happy, fluffy fic for this, but something that explores their relationship in canon.

Like I said, I’m really really easy to please. I like a wide variety of things, and the ideas I’ve put here are just something to get you started thinking if you’re having trouble. I tend to prefer AUs that are more canon divergent than just a straight-up AU, and I really am not looking for non-con or underage sex. Other than that, though, go wild!

Thank you so much!

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