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 3.What is your current OTP and why? 



I pretty much ship Kevin with everybody in one way or another. But the ones I come back to a lot are Sam/Kevin, largely because I’m a sucker for parallelism, and Sam remains one of the only people in canon who has even made an attempt at decency toward Kevin. Admittedly, I’m also drawn to the power dynamics between them: Sam holds almost all the cards in the relationship, and Kevin’s options for responding are incredibly limited. As much as I’d like to ship fluffy, happy Sevin, I have a hard time with it because when it doesn’t address the power dynamics, it tends to make me uncomfortable. Maybe in a situation where Kevin isn’t so dependent upon Sam, it could be fluffy, but within the constraints of canon, I find it unlikely. 

Throw Crowley into the mix, and it all gets even more complicated. I’m drawn to Kevin/Crowley for the same reasons I’m drawn to Dean/Alastair: Kevin’s character has been shaped by Crowley’s influence in a lot of ways. The running, the hiding, the anger, the certainty, the fear—all of those are developed by Crowley. With his humanity developing in s9, Crowley’s desperation to be loved coupled with Kevin’s fear/isolation make for a really disconcerting, and fascinating mix. I also like Sam/Crowley, or Sam/Crowley/Kevin for much of the same reasons, coupled with Crowley’s penchant for dangerous symbiotic relationships wherein his desire for (love? Control? Friendship? Power?) overshadows logic. 

But, I am a multi-shipper: I love Jody/Linda, Dean/Cas (in certain situations), Dean/Alastair, Dean/Crowley, Meg/Cas, Meg/Sam, Anna/Ruby, Sam/Ruby. But the combination of Sam, Kevin, and Crowley is probably my favorite to read/write. I also have an id appreciation from Dean/Sam/Kevin/Cas. 


This one is harder to pinpoint. Generally, I ship pretty much everything from Sazh/Snow to Nabaat/Cid, but I think if I tried to narrow it down to one OTP, it would have to be Sazh/Lightning. The single caretaker narratives that both embody create a lot of comparisons and contrasts between the two of them, and her single-minded focus coupled with his even-keeled personality is really great in terms of writing. I also just love the soldier/pilot pairing thing. But I always love the idea of the two of them slowly finding themselves in some type of relationship, where it doesn’t always work the way they expect. Sazh just brings something so wonderful to the party, especially in the first game, and I wish more fic existed about him. Seriously.

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