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Fandom Meme: Day 2

Finals hit me damn hard, followed by an 8 day migraine. BUT here is Day 2 of the meme, with a new question.  

2.If you, AS YOURSELF, were to be written in as a character how would you be integrated into the storyline?

I’m not gonna touch this one. (The answer for SPN, of course, is that I would be dead.)


So, new question: Who is your main muse character, and what sparks the creativity?


Anybody who has seen me in the fandom can probably guess. KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN. (Some of the ladies, like Meg and Linda, also spark a lot in me, but mostly the answer is Kevin.) I don’t know why, exactly—I identify a lot with Kevin, for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t always correlate to muse characters for me (e.g. My muse for FFVII is Yuffie, rather than Tifa.) I think that the way his character fits into SPN and his role within the story (plus, the heaps and heaps of injustice laid upon him both in-universe and out of it) spark a lot in me. The roles of destiny and language within his narrative are both fascinating: who is responsible for Kevin’s destiny, and what are the results of becoming a “Chosen One,” in direct contrast with how the boys are “Chosen?” How does language and words, specifically the words of a being greater than Kevin, affect his life and how does he reflect that? 

I also find myself compelled to explore how he relates (or doesn’t) to the boys, given that Kevin has many many many reasons for why he might not like the boys, and for how the uneven power dynamics could shift his perspective on them (cough cough Sevin). The way his narrative ultimately culminates is (pretty typical of SPN, especially for a man of color) horrifying, upsetting, and left fairly open-ended but he is forgotten, so I pretty much constantly figure out new endings for Kevin. Either happy or not. IDK. Maybe what it boils down to is that there are so many interesting aspects to Kevin and how he fits into the narrative, but ultimately are never realized. It draws me back every time.



This is more complicated. Lightning and Sazh are the characters I keep coming back to. I love everyone in those games, but Lightning and Sazh are the ones I write most of my PoV fics in. Lightning is a character that, like Katniss Everdeen, hits a bit too close to home for me sometimes (just in certain ways). Namely, highly overprotective sisters are people I relate to pretty much every time. But Lightning also makes me uncomfortable with the way she treats Snow (which I think others have said more gracefully than I: would NOT fly if their roles/genders were reversed), and the way she takes a fourteen year old on a suicide run. But I also love that about her: she’s a hot fucking mess. She does pretty disastrous things. And she learns from it. I appreciate that about her. I think I come back to her in fic because she’s trying to be better, not always succeeding, but trying. And she cares so damn much. 

Sazh hits my “single father” type to a T. I know there are problems with it: lololol FF’s history of dead, nameless mothers and girlfriends. BUT I like characters who are single fathers, and have since I read To Kill a Mockingbird (don’t judge me). (See also: Kotetsu Kaburagi and Barret). Sazh also brings a level of maturity to the story, while trying to prop the others up and generally be good. In a game full of crazy, he really brings home the cost of becoming a l’Cie in ways that I didn’t see with the other characters (except maybe Hope in places). I think I come back to his perspective, too, because I didn’t feel like we got his PoV the way we got the other characters (after his almost-suicide, his story kind of falls apart) and I always want to explore what end-game and post-game looks like for him). 

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