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30 Day Fandom Meta Meme

The 30 Day Fandom Meta Meme has been going around, and I thought I might hop on. I'm terrible at these 30 day things, but maybe I can get it to work. :) I decided to go with SPN (my current fandom) and FFXIII (because it's been my most prolific fandom). Here we are:

1. How did you get into this fandom?


I talked a little about this here, that Bird got me into the show. As far as the fandom itself goes, I ended up entering the fandom after I got to season 4, mostly because of my burning need for Dean/Alastair fic. I found some of what I was looking for, but by then it was basically too late. Once Kevin entered the picture in s7, I was really sunk. There’s so much about the SPN canon that doesn’t get explored within the show (especially relating to the minor characters) and canon tends to be such a cluster that it creates fertile ground for me to explore the things we don’t get to see on screen, the people who are silenced by the brothers, the situations that are omitted. Despite being terrified of the size/vitriol of the SPN fandom, I dove in. 

I tend to keep to my own little corner of the fandom. TBH, being part of a huge fandom like SPN terrifies me. I’ve been told off at one point that I’m “homophobic” for not shipping Destiel, which… set some of the tone for the fandom for me, tbh. (And funny thing is, I ship Dean/Cas, just not the way the majority of the fandom seems to, but that’s a post for another day.) So I’m pretty happy just being a bitter Kevin girl, and heaping appreciation onto the minor characters.



I’d been in the Final Fantasy fandom forever. I entered the FFVII fandom when I was in middle school (2005 or 2006 ish? I think?), and had been alternating in VII and XII for a couple of years when Final Fantasy XIII came out. It became my main fandom my senior year of high school, so 2010/11. By then, the FFXII fandom had really, really slowed down (and XII wasn’t a game I produced much fic for, even though I read so so so much of it), and I was feeling somewhat burnt-out on FFVII (after being in the fandom for ~5 years). XIII came out around the perfect time for me, and it hit a lot of fic writing buttons for me. I prefer canons that have a lot of messy dynamics with plots that are kind of a hot mess. At least if I’m going to write fic for it (see: SPN and FFVII). The characters of XIII (especially Lightning and Sazh) really resonated with me, and it was a new fandom, so it was easy to get my feet wet, because very little had actually been established in the fandom. I haven’t written FFXIII fic in awhile, but it’s the game I most frequently plan to revisit with fic. That, and VII. 

I got into the fandom before tumblr was a big thing, so finding other people on LJ was sort of difficult. FF_Land, where most of my fandom happened back then was where I found most of the other XIII fans I interacted with, but XIII never seemed to have the same community that the other games seemed to. Or maybe I just never found it. IDK. Still, I prefer most of the worldbuilding/fic-writing that happened before XIII-2 came out, mostly because I wanted so desperately to see them all rebuild on Pulse, which was a hope that never really got realized. *Shrugs* This is why a lot of my fic disregards XIII-2, even though I enjoyed the hell out of that game. 

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