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story time: spn edition

Okay, so I don’t think I’ve ever told the story about how I got into Supernatural (aka that show I can’t quit). It’s been about two years. The summer of 2013, I spent fourth of July with my mom’s family, which meant getting to see my little sister, Bird. At the time, she was fourteen.

Upon walking into the apartment, my sister flings herself at me. After the hugging, OMG YOU’RE ALMOST TALLER THAN ME BIRD WTF, and etc. she hands me a cheap ring that is silver colored. It’s heavy-set, and gleaming. I see one just like it on her pinkie. “Does this fit you?” she asks me.

I slide it onto my pointer finger and it fits perfectly. For the record, I am hella pumped to have a matching ring with my baby sister. For the moment, I leave Bird to go hug on my Punk of a brother, who is twelve. We do the hugging, OMG YOU’RE ALMOST TALLER THAN ME PUNK WTH dance, too. He proceeds to ask me all sorts of minutia questions about Dragon Age: Origins that take too long to answer and he doesn’t really understand anyway. Really, he just wants to talk about how his dwarf is BOSS and can kill everything, and oops he sort of had Alastair executed, haha?

I decide to turn the conversation, because I can’t think of any good explanations. I say, “hey! Bird, Punk! Ya’ll should watch this show with me, I think you’ll like it. It’s called Attack on Titan.”

Bird agrees to watch two episodes, on the condition I watch two episodes of her show. It turns out she wants me to watch some Supernatural. Now, my knowledge of the show came entirely from tumblr at that point.

I know it is a song of two (three?) sad white boys with parades of dead ladies. Dean, the older brother, is the tall one with the floppy hair. Sam, the younger brother, is the grumpy one with superpowers or something. Someone named Destiel makes frequent appearances, and also is grumpy but literally everyone loves him. There is a shiny car that is more important than any singular lady character.

Because I am a good big sister and loving, and because I want someone to watch Attack on Titan with me, I agree to her condition of subjecting myself to two episodes of Supernatural. Because I am oldest and all must obey, we watch the first two episodes of Attack on Titan first, which are closer in length to one episode of Supernatural. Bird is smarter than I am, and understands Western Live-Action television better than I do.

However, I am not a sore loser and adhere to the conditions of our deal. (Which she did not make me kiss for.)

The first episode does little for me. Yay, dead mom and girlfriend in the first episode! Monster than leaves me underwhelmed and makes advances on Sam! However, I am a sucker for the “unexpected reunion under less than optimal conditions” trope, so I don’t totally hate the pilot. Bird explains that it gets better. I pretend to believe her. Sort of.

We watch another episode of Attack on Titan. Punk is loving AoT, so so so much. Enough he is reading the subtitles and he begins to ask me detailed and specific questions I have no good response to, because I haven’t watched much more than he has. Bird insists we watch the next SPN episode.

I sigh so put-upon because I am a sarcastic asshole, and Bird laughs at me. Because she is smarter than me, and got me to agree to an hour and a half of media, compared to my measly fifty minutes. I am an English major, not a Math major.

Anyway, so Wendigo happens. I am digging the cool hikers, and Dean suddenly is not totally creepy, and Sam’s grief is quite touching. I also understand that my expectations of this show are totally wrong, and let them go. This turns out to be helpful for my enjoyment of the show.

As Dean sweet-talks the sister, I see his hand. I see the shiny silver ring on his hand. I look down at my own hand and pause the TV so I can get a better look.

“Bird, is this Dean’s ring?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she tells me. “See? Mine’s just like it.”

She also shows me her necklace which has a Devil’s Trap and other things I don’t understand yet on it. “Were you going to tell me? Or were you just going to let me run around with Dean’s ring without knowing?”

Bird shrugs and starts the TV again, because she can do what she wants, she’s fourteen. We keep watching, and by time we hit Dean’s speech of “blah blah we have to help other families and that helps me do this job that sucks so bad blah blah I’m worried about you Sam” I know there is no going back. I have to find out what happens.

The brothers having a quiet, real talk draws me so completely in that we watch all of S1 in three days, and I forget about Attack on Titan. Punk never forgives me, and continues asking questions about it I can’t answer. Bird is annoyed that I guess every event in SPN before it happens. I do not take off the ring, and I pause the TV every two seconds to scream at the characters.

And this is the story of why I have been watching the same TV show for two years and how I came to have a copy of Dean’s ring. The end. This entry was originally posted at
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