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[sticky post] Arachibutryophobia

Hey there! I'm Bri.

Mostly, I fandom. Sometimes, I talk about my personal problems or other things, generally in f-locked posts. I'm mostly over on tumblr (main), tumblr (SPN), and AO3 these days, but I still update here. Everything I post here is crossposted at DW.

You can find my fanfiction masterpost here and, if that looks to be out of date, under my fanfiction tag.

Friending is always open. :)

FFXV Holiday Gift Exchange Letter

Dear Creator,

Thank you so much for taking the time to create something for me! I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

I am really easy to please. I like everything from fluff to angst, to hurt/comfort, and basically anything else you can think of. Pretty much whatever you would like to create would make me happy. I’ll try and give you some direction by prompt, but really, I’d be happy with nearly anything.

iris & araneaCollapse )

Amicitia family bondingCollapse )

Luna/Nyx/CroweCollapse )

Gladio/Ignis/Noctis/PromptoCollapse )

Ravus & LunaCollapse )

Like I said, I’m really really easy to please. I like a wide variety of things, and the ideas I’ve put here are just something to get you started thinking if you’re having trouble. I tend to prefer AUs that are more canon divergent than just a straight-up AU, and I really am not looking for non-con or underage sex. Other than that, though, go wild! I'm really just looking forward to seeing some of my favorite characters doing cool things!

Thanks so much!


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No True Pair (personal edition)

So I finally got a start on some no true pair prompts~! Should be up like next week sometime, I think! If you want to play, feel free! 

There’s no time frame or anything, just make a list of ten characters before you look at the prompts!

Then, once I’ve posted the prompts, plug your characters into the prompts (using their number) and voila! Prompts!

Here’s my lists! I made a couple just for the hell of it :)

FFXV list

1. Ardyn
2. Cor
3. Prompto
4. Ignis
5. Aranea
6. Ravus
7. Gladio
8. Iris
9. Noctis
0. Luna

FF Ladies

1. Fang
2. Agrias
3. Celes
4. Aeris
5. Selphie
6. Terra
7. Quistis
8. Yuffie
9. Lightning
0. Aranea


1. Tifa
2. Tseng
3. Cloud
4. Rufus
5. Rude
6. Yuffie
7. Elena
8. Barret
9. Aeris
0. Reno

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 Yikes, it's been awhile. 

I've been tired and sad and busy, but I'm doing all right. As good as can be expected, anyway. Been trying to siphon my emotional/creative energy into writing. I have a couple things I'm hoping to post next week :)

It's cool that so many people are making "what are you playing/reading/listening to" posts. Once I'm a little less wiped (Maybe Saturday?) I'm hoping to respond to them :)

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Yahtzee Prompts

Not sure what I'm going to make for these... Might just try for the drabble scoring on this, and see how that goes? ^^

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 still out with the flu

ugh I just want to have energy again and get back into writing lol

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 this fic is mostly me banging my forehead against the computer and praying for words

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 trying to write fluff when I have a migraine is difficult ahhhhh

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 Japanese Boy Band Saves the World: Postcolonial Masculinities in Final Fantasy XV is an interesting read. It wasn't quite the meta I went looking for yesterday, but it came the closest. 

There really doesn't seem to be much about how the boys' friendship operates within canon. Most of the meta I see is about, like, the lore, Noctis's depression, the war, and stuff. Pretty cool stuff! Not much about the interpersonal relationships, apart from using Noctis's relationships to explain why he is unprepared to be king, and lacks agency. Which... 

Also struck by how much of the fandom assumes that Ignis & Gladio had control over how Noctis grew up in any meaningful way. Yes, they had influence on him, sure, and they certainly weren't perfect but like, what he did and did not learn, how he lived, etc. etc. etc. were not decided by two literal teenagers? 

Miss me with the momnis and daddio characterizations :(

In other news, thinking this character interview is next up on my within the ruin verse while I take a short break to write the holiday fics I signed up for. Not the whole thing, just the interesting parts. Might start with Ignis, since the next biggish thing I want to write is about him & Ardyn. 

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Fic Roundup

I'm behind about a year rounding up all my fic. Looking back, I guess my fandom interests have been all of over the place. Also, lol, I wrote fic for the kinda embarrassing swimming!anime that no one cares about anymore. 

Also noticed crossposting to LJ had stopped. I guess because of the new ToS. I have mixed feelings about LJ these days, but I still have some people active on my feed here.

Granted, I haven't posted much since I moved to Japan, but here we are:

In Need (FFVII, Reeve & Rufus, Turks, Bonus!Yuffie, T)
Reeve, Rufus, and the specter of the city behind them.
AO3 | DW

against the years (Naruto, Shino/Naruto, M)
Years pass, and Naruto can only love Shino more.
AO3 | DW

we all get there eventually (Free!, Sousuke & Haru, G)
Sousuke is rescued when he gets lost on the way to Makoto's birthday party. Tokyo isn't as scary in pairs.
AO3 | DW

Labor of Love (Free!, Makoto, Haru, Rin, Sousuke, G)
Five people who tried to teach Makoto to cook. (Or: Makoto has always been better at taking care of other people than himself.)
AO3 | DW

without subject (Free!, Sousuke, G)
In junior high, Sousuke has to make a self-portrait during art class. He hates it about as much as you'd expect.
AO3 | DW

a touch of memory (FFXV, Monica & Prompto, T)
When the Prince feels Monica up, it’s really just the start of her problems.
Or: Monica switches bodies with that Argentum kid the Prince likes so much and takes the opportunity to gather plenty of intel.
AO3 | DW

The City (FFXV, ensemble, M)
The City across ten years of Scourge. The taint doesn't come from without, but from within.
AO3 | DW

Due (FFXV, Noctis, G)
The Astrals and the Crystal find Noctis worthy. It begs the question.
AO3 | DW

Ghost, (FFXV, Cor/Iris, M *no underage*)
M. E. 762. Cor and Iris's first time isn't exactly what dreams are made of.
AO3 | DW

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 Ranting about tumblr aside, things in Japan have been hectic. Lots of stress at school/in the office. I picked up an extra school. Speech and skit contest is immenient (which means all my extra time is devoted to that). I've been doing a lot of extra stuff for my schools in terms of planning, grading, making English boards that the kids will likely never read. 

I'd feel better about the grading if the kids actually used it, but again, screaming endlessly into the void of the Japanese education system. 

After visiting home, my depression has been acting up fierce, but it seems to be abating a bit. I've been trying to get back into writing, and use that as an ease-in to studying. Studying Japanese has fallen to the wayside a bit. I can converse a bit, but not well. I'd love to improve that, but finding the time/energy outside of school is hard when I usually have a lot of stuff to do for work when I get home. I maybe need to be better about work/life balance???

My writing is going... a bit better. I've started actively writing for the final fantasy xv fandom. I still have a complicated relationship with the game, but the characters grew on me a great deal, and there was a lot of potential for the things the game skimmed over (especially the ladies, the WoR, Ardyn, Prompto's backstory, and development for any of the characters who wasn't Noctis...) We'll see how long it lasts, I guess. 

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 I'm just exhausted. 

Everything makes me tired. Don't know if it's culture shock, or just general working/teaching/etc. etc. 

I've very tired. 

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My internet's been down because for some unfathomable reason, I have two internet bills (only one of which actually looks like a bill). All connected again. 

Considering picking up FFVII for the PS4, since my PS3 is still stateside. (Such a mistake to leave it, hahahaha). 

I've been writing self-indulgent fic. Monica & Prompto bodyswap fic that explores some of the personal/political failings (lol I should really watch Kingsglaive, I guess). A angsty exploration of Kisumi/Makoto. My fandom interests are all over the place rn, to be honest. 

Japan is Japan. I'm really enjoying my time here, but the things that upset me/made me anxious in America make me upset/anxious here. Plus the added language barrier. Learning Japanese is a struggle, but I'm doing my best. I'm staying another year, at least. Likely, I'll stay until the education system isn't being run by that terrible woman. :/ Otherwise, I might just find a new profession in the US. IDK. 

Finding my groove teaching here, I think. It's difficult not having my own classroom, especially since I think I'm more qualified than a lot of my teachers are??? These textbooks many of my teachers cling to religiously are.... pretty goddamn terrible. Ah and rote memorization. And the completely awful homework the kids have to do. Sometimes I just want to scream endlessly about student-led learning, task-basked and dialogical pedagogy. But there's only so much I can do when I'm in an assistant position. :/ I like all of my teachers as people, but working with some of them makes me want to scream and/or cry. 

Still, it's gratifying that even when I mess up a lesson, or something flops, that it's still better than sitting and reading the textbook for fifty minutes. 

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So I finished ffxv. For the most part, I guess I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, everything that made me mad about it still made me mad by the end. I still can’t deal much with Cindy because of how/why she came to be (plus that outfit, omg). But I enjoyed the gameplay and a lot of the characters. Plus, omg everything is so so pretty.

But the characters did grow on me. I’m especially fond of Prompto. And a lot of the little things in the game made me happy: fishing, taking pictures, tours, collecting recipes. The little things that made the boys happy were a lot of fun. A lot of the lady characters we met (Gentiana, Iris, Aranea, Monica) left me with grabby hands. The villain might be one of my favorite villains, tho. He’s like a hammier Vayne, which is just my favorite thing.

The plot was???????? Like they mashed ffvi and ffxii together, inserted a car trip, and said “fuck pacing we do what we want”. Though there were some things I enjoyed about the plot (for all its issues, Chapter 13 was probably my favorite).

All in all, it was pretty much what I expected. What I didn’t expect was how much the characters grew on me. I might end up writing fic (likely indulgent character studies or Gentiana/Aranea fic, because shit, that would be so swell.) 

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 Wow, things have been crazy. Plus sick!

But Japan is good. Learning more Japanese. Doing better in class. Looking forward to a bit of a break. 

Been enjoying Yuri on Ice a lot (and so has the GF). Keeping up with family without any of the dread I usually associate with Christmas. Overall, doing good. Happy. 

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Nov. 6th, 2016

 Good grief. I was actually writing/looking at my writing for the year, and I've only written about 25k words this year, which is... Wow. Like, I've written more every year since middle school. 

Granted, when I was student teaching I was pulling 12-16 hour days, and I've literally moved to another country this year. But still? I'm trying not to be too disappointed in myself. There's still two months, so I'm hoping I can get to at least ~40k words for the year, but I'm not going to hold my breath with how busy I've been (plus learning Japanese is taking a lot of my free time). 

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The kawaii thing is probably never going to wear off. Sometimes my kids are so distracted by how cute I am they giggle all through when they're supposed to be working -__- 
It's impossible to be angry with them in any way, lol. 
In other news, I've started writing again? But I'm all over the board. SPN, Naruto (!), Free (god why do I like that show), Final Fantasy, etc. etc. I swear. I don't know that I'm in any dedicated fandom right now. BUT I have some published writing to post at some point, I'm just lazy af. 

(Crossposted with Imzy)

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Still figuring out Imzy (should have time this weekend), but my handle over there is mako_lies.

I also have invites if anyone wants one :)

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 I'm back in the classroom! Except now it is the Japanese classroom. 

I teach middle school/junior high school (grades 1, 2, 3). It's AWESOME. The kids are sweet, but also, I can't go two seconds without someone (usually a student (boy or girl) but sometimes a teacher) calling KAWAII! at me. I also get told I have a small face or a high nose multiple times a day. Evidently, small faces and nose bridges are super awesome here. My first day of school, some of my third-graders (14-15 years old) measured my face with a ruler. They were VERY excited afterwards, and learned how to say "I envy you" from their English teacher. It was an experience. 

Overall, things are going well. My Japanese still sucks, but I'm learning as diligently as I can. I usually have at least an hour every day I can devote to studying :)

I have a couple things written since last time I posted, I'll be working on posting those on LJ/DW here soon.

In other news: what is this Imzy thing I keep hearing about, and is it a replacement for tumblr????

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Rare Pair Fest

Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me a fic. I’m super pumped to see what you come up with!

I am really easy to please. I like everything from fluff to angst, to hurt/comfort, and basically anything else you can think of. Pretty much whatever you would like to write would make me happy. I’ll try and give you some direction by fandom, but really, I’d be happy with nearly anything.

baccanoCollapse )

narutoCollapse )

ffviiCollapse )

ffviiiCollapse )

ffxiiiCollapse )

Like I said, I’m really really easy to please. I like a wide variety of things, and the ideas I’ve put here are just something to get you started thinking if you’re having trouble. I tend to prefer AUs that are more canon divergent than just a straight-up AU, and I really am not looking for non-con or underage sex. Other than that, though, go wild!

Thank you so much!

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