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So I finished ffxv. For the most part, I guess I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, everything that made me mad about it still made me mad by the end. I still can’t deal much with Cindy because of how/why she came to be (plus that outfit, omg). But I enjoyed the gameplay and a lot of the characters. Plus, omg everything is so so pretty.

But the characters did grow on me. I’m especially fond of Prompto. And a lot of the little things in the game made me happy: fishing, taking pictures, tours, collecting recipes. The little things that made the boys happy were a lot of fun. A lot of the lady characters we met (Gentiana, Iris, Aranea, Monica) left me with grabby hands. The villain might be one of my favorite villains, tho. He’s like a hammier Vayne, which is just my favorite thing.

The plot was???????? Like they mashed ffvi and ffxii together, inserted a car trip, and said “fuck pacing we do what we want”. Though there were some things I enjoyed about the plot (for all its issues, Chapter 13 was probably my favorite).

All in all, it was pretty much what I expected. What I didn’t expect was how much the characters grew on me. I might end up writing fic (likely indulgent character studies or Gentiana/Aranea fic, because shit, that would be so swell.) 

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